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Free Neck Pain and Headache Workshop

Posted by Lincoln Kinkade, PT on Aug 24, 2016 12:07:52 PM

The cervical spine or the neck is a strong, flexible yet very delicate part of the body the consists of several nerves, blood vessels and the spinal cord, but it’s susceptible to many problems due daily wear and tear, injury or even lifestyle choices.

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3 step Warm up routine to avoid injuries

Posted by Lincoln Kinkade, PT on Aug 10, 2016 1:47:20 PM

Whether you're a Weekend Warrior, you love to run, play recreational sports, do yard work or just workout indoors or outdoors, here are some basic rules to remember to avoid injuries.

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Recurrent Ankle Sprains and Treatment for Ankle Sprains

Posted by Lincoln Kinkade, PT on Jul 27, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Recurrent Ankle Sprains

When a person tends to strike the ground with the outside edge the foot, they may be more likely to sprain their ankle, especially when running or walking on uneven surfaces.

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Back Pain Treatment in Morgantown

Posted by Lincoln Kinkade, PT on Jul 14, 2016 2:37:07 PM

Certain types of lower back injuries can produce pain that radiates into the leg. This pain commonly results from a bulge in the disc, the fibrous structure that lies between each bony segment that makes up the spine. When the disc bulges, it can pinch the nerves where they exit the spinal column.

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What Is Sciatica?

Posted by Lincoln Kinkade, PT on Apr 27, 2016 9:14:41 AM

Many people suffer from low back pain and sciatica. Most of us know exactly what low back pain is, but aren't so sure about sciatica.

Let's define it.

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Receive a Complementary Yearly Checkup

Posted by Lincoln Kinkade, PT on Mar 30, 2016 12:14:45 PM

Most people know about St. Patrick’s Day March 17. But did you know that March 20 is the first day of Spring?

As the days get longer and the daylight brighter, more people come out of hibernation and step out of their winter caves. Outside fitness opportunities abound as the weather gets warmer. 5k and 10k races, group hikes and fitness events are everywhere in spring.

Whether you’re prepping for your next personal record or just starting your exercise regimen, make sure you’re not dealing with any current aches, strains or pains before you get into training. It’s important to work out any existing kinks before you start something new. Many people have been stationary for the last three months, so as a physical therapist, I see a lot of neck, lower back and shoulder pain coming out of winter.

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What is Dry Needling?

Posted by Lincoln Kinkade, PT on Feb 29, 2016 9:18:04 AM

What Is Dry Needling?

According to American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), our goal as physical therapists “is to promote the patient's ability to move, reduce pain, restore function and prevent disability.” We have a host of tools at our disposal to accomplish this goal. One tool you may not be aware of is a technique called dry needling. Dry needling is when your physical therapist inserts a small needle through your skin into carefully selected muscles in order to help relieve pain. It’s called dry needling because nothing is injected through the needle.

It sounds counterintuitive, poking people with needles to assuage pain, but it’s actually an effective technique, and it isn’t nearly as scary or painful as it sounds.

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Steps to Manage Shoulder and Neck Pain

Posted by Lincoln Kinkade, PT on Feb 26, 2016 12:15:52 PM

Many people don't know that shoulder pain and posture are linked together. By simply adjusting and improving your posture, you can eliminate 80% of the pain you experience on a daily basis.

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Why is Physical Therapy Important?

Posted by Lincoln Kinkade, PT on Jan 21, 2016 10:43:21 AM

For many reasons people experience pain for an extended amount of time before getting treatment. This can lead to an increase of pain and a decrease of mobility, ultimately keeping you from doing the things you love the most.

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Steps to Reduce Back Pain After Heavy Lifting

Posted by Lincoln Kinkade, PT on Jan 8, 2016 2:10:55 PM

Many people experience back or neck pain after too much heavy lifting, especially during the holiday season.

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